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Nous reprenons ici quelques extraits du vibrant discours prononcé - littéralement sous les bombes russes - devant le Parlement ukrainien par le Haut Représentant de l’Union européenne, Josep Borrel. 

Il est heureux qu’en ces temps de graves crises internationales - en Ukraine comme à Gaza - l’Europe soit dotée d’un Représentant et d’un responsable politique aussi engagé, déterminé et actif que Josep Borrell. Il porte, parfois isolé, l’honneur de sa fonction et celle de l’Union elle-même.


 (Le texte complet du discours est ici et la version audiovisuelle est ici)

Josep Borrell - Kiev - 7 Février 2024

«  Ukrainians always know why they are fighting for. They are fighting for the freedom of their people and their land. The Russian soldiers do not know what they are fighting for.

The real border today of Ukraine with Russia is the frontline between democracy and authoritarian rule. 

The security of Ukraine is a huge contribution to the security of Europe as a whole

We need a paradigm shift from supporting Ukraine : “Whatever it takes” for Ukraine to achieve victory. 

We have reached an important amount of military support: €28 billion. And for this year – 2024 - Member States are planning more than €20 billion in military assistance, both bilaterally, and through the European Union. 

 This war is not a matter of “The West against the Rest”. It is a war in defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and it is a war in defence of the principles of the United Nations Charter

Russia remains an imperialist power that is unable to disentangle itself from a colonial vision of its identity. "Russia does not know where it begins and where it ends”.

We have decided that your future is in the European Union. And this decision to be [made into] reality

Being a democratic and inclusive society is your greatest advantage in the face of Putin's dictatorship. You are facing a dictator regime, and you have to face it showing that you are a pluralist state and a democratic society.

We know well that our own security is being defended by you on the Eastern borders of Europe.

It is motivation, it is the understanding of why and for [what] you are fighting for which makes you win »   


JG Giraud



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